MEDIA RELEASE January 31, 2018

Toronto – On Friday, January 26th, the Toronto Writers Collective (TWC) welcomed the public to an event at the S. Walter Stewart Public Library Auditorium to hear about the impact that a $75,000 Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) Seed grant, awarded in 2016, has had for the group. TWC used the funds to research its expressive writing program and how it benefits disadvantaged and marginalized communities. Toronto-Danforth MPP Peter Tabuns was at the event, as was Daphne Simon, an OTF volunteer, were there to present the TWC with a plaque to celebrate the work done, and research conducted by Kelly McShane, Associate Professor at Ryerson University.

“Using writing to give people a voice is wonderful, it changes their sense of the world and themselves,” MPP Tabuns added. “Thank you, to the Toronto Writers Collective, for contributing to the community. You have done extraordinary things.”

“People from all walks of life have been transformed by the power of seeing and being seen at TWC workshops and lives have been positively impacted through the simple act of sharing their words. We are very grateful that the support Ontario Trillium Foundation has given us the opportunity to evaluate and grow the impact of our programs by partnering with medical professionals and organizations that provide services to marginalized people,” said Susan Turk Mozer, Founder of the Toronto Writers Collective. “It is a unique opportunity to gather evidentiary results that bridge understanding and reveal our common humanity.”

“A Seed grant gives groups the opportunity to try new things, focusing on the impact that our grants have on the community and how our grantees make our communities healthier and more vibrant places as a result,” said Daphne Simon, an OTF volunteer. “We are looking forward to seeing what the next chapter holds.”

The results of the research will be presented by Professor McShane at the Michaélle Jean Foundation’s Power of the Arts Conference in Montreal on February 17th. “The preliminary results from the evaluation are incredibly positive for both participants and facilitators, showing significant changes across the 10-week program. It provides convincing evidence for the magic of the working workshops,” said Professor McShane.

An agency of the Government of Ontario, the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) is one of Canada’s largest granting foundations. With a budget of over $136 million, OTF awards grants to some 1,000 projects every year to build healthy and vibrant Ontario communities.


For More Information, please contact:
Jesse Cohoon, Program Manager
Toronto Writers Collective,
56 Hampton Avenue, Toronto ON M5K 2Y6
647-261-3720 [email protected]

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